Academic ghostwriting

As an experienced scientific ghostwriter we support you in the creation of your scientific work.

For more than 10 years we work successfully as a ghostwriter, our recipe for success is the very individual care of clients, unlimited discretion and the absolute adherence to agreed dates.

Due to many years of experience in the supervision and preparation of demanding scientific work in various university disciplines, you will get professional help with your projects from us.

We will gladly assist you in finding a topic, an expose, the literature search, to the finished house or seminar paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation according to your wishes or finish your work.

You determine the type and scope of our support and keep track of costs at all times.

As a ghostwriter we will help you with your bachelor thesis, house and seminar work, master thesis and dissertation

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Discretion is a matter of course for me, if you want, you can remain completely anonymous. This is not a problem for me because we do not want to check your data, nor could it. You can contact me by any name. For example, at GMX, create a new e-mail address. You can pay the work either by cash at the post office, with the name we know. You do not need to show your identity card for amounts below $1000. Another option is to have the referrals made by a friend or relative.

Your request by e-mail will be acknowledged only by you and me. Of course, all inquiries, data and agreements are handled with absolute discretion.


Every order is unique, so it is impossible to make a blanket price statement here. The costs depend on our effort, the scope of the work, your respective preparatory work, as well as the desired level of the text (eg house, term paper or thesis).

When placing an order, weagree with them a fixed price per page, so they always have the full cost control, since they determine how many pages we should write for them. Contact me and we will agree on a price that is acceptable to you. If you send me a request by mail, wecan give you an exact price.

Guaranteed quality

Each order is individually, individually tailored to your needs.
Our guarantee for you: When wework for you as a scientific ghostwriter, we feel bound exclusively to your career. Our work for you is a matter of trust, wecreate your work exactly as if it were own. From me you do not get 08/15 work, but one that we customize for you, according to your specifications. All orders are executed by me personally.

We guarantee you that the work is not plagiarism!


If we can carry out your order, we can clarify all further details by phone or by mail. You determine the scope of work, from literature research to finished work. The delivery date is fixed! If you give me the order, a down payment of 25% of the order value is due. If and how many partial deliveries you receive, we agree upon placing the order. So z.

For example, in the event of 2 partial deliveries, a further 25% of the total amount is due before delivery. The remaining amount will be paid by you before the final handover. You will receive the text in electronic form. If the order is small, the down payment may be more than 25%. After the final handover, we cede all copyrights to you, you can freely dispose of the text.


We have 12 semesters of educational science at a German university, with the subjects: Allg. Pedagogy, adult education, philosophy, sociology and psychology, studied and completed the studies with the overall grade “good”.
We have been working as a ghostwriters since 2007 and have meanwhile done a great deal of work in a wide variety of specialist areas.

Legal notice

wecreate scientific texts exclusively for you for practice purposes. Under no circumstances may you submit the text we created as your own examination at a university. The text is for your personal information only.

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