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Write a bachelor thesis

Writing the bachelor thesis is a decisive milestone in your studies. The Bachelor Thesis represents the completion of the first / bachelor’s degree program. A good bachelor’s thesis is crucial for your further professional or academic career.

The thesis usually covers about 30 pages, depending on the university, study program or subject area, it can also be more extensive. As in the case of chores, a topic must be found and a comprehensive literature search carried out. In the meantime, more and more students are simply being assigned bachelor topics, mostly because of capacity bottlenecks at the university. This often complicates the writing of the thesis.

When writing the bachelor thesis, the rankings of journals are usually to be considered, another hurdle to create a high-quality bachelor thesis. An overview of TOP magazines can be found, for example, at Scimago Journal & Country Rank (SJR). On average, a 30-page bachelor thesis should have at least 45 high-quality citations, usually more.

When writing a bachelor’s thesis, it is usually necessary to independently analyze and work on a specific problem in a subject area of a degree program using scientific methods. Depending on the university and chair, the processing time is between 2 and 3 months after registration with the examination office.

Write bachelor thesis

An intensive supervision of your bachelor thesis by your lecturer is often not given, if – guess you are happy. In addition, there may be additional work-related breaks due to part-time jobs or as part of the dual study program. And, if you are unlucky enough, the aforementioned assignment of a topic with which you have barely come into contact in your bachelor’s degree.

An alternative is to have the bachelor thesis written by us. Our experienced team of authors will support you right from the start when you prepare your Bachelor: finding a topic for your bachelor thesis, creating an Exposé and writing the thesis including the abstract.

They agree with our authors on regular feedback, so that you can ensure throughout the preparation that the bachelor thesis will take on the form you want. You will be included in the service creation process on request. Complex issues can also be discussed in detail during an anonymous telephone conference.

If your bachelor thesis includes a quantitative empirical part, we have specialists who are familiar with numerous statistical programs: SPSS, STATA, R and others. Also for qualitative evaluations many of our ghostwriters are qualified, i.a. to create a content analysis according to Mayring.

Some of our ghostwriters also specialize in producing particularly urgent bachelor theses. In this case, we are also the right contact for you. Call us or use our contact form.

We are also available for you on weekends!

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